React Native Course

everage the power and technology offered at Brighten Institute to create real-world native mobile apps using React Native. Learn to create an app prototype as experts at Brighten assist you in getting the hands-on experience to deploy your apps on Apple and Google Play Stores. Pick up top, in-demand skills, and improve your chances of employability as you gain confidence in React Native at the end of this course.

What is React Native?

React Native provides an open-source framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps. A robust native development using React ensures that mobile apps for users are scalable, have captivating UI, and provide enhanced UX. Facebook created it as a way to provide building blocks for a seamless mobile experience using web elements. BRIGHTEN enable you to use React Native in the best way to help you implement learning in the real world as you use the same code for iOS and Android apps.

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Why Learn React Native?

With the knowledge of React Native, you put yourself in the front seat of mobile technology by getting a robust understanding of computer science. It ensures you understand businesses better and help to tailor apps that cater to its requirements. While companies are always on a lookout for such talents, you could be the next one. A career in React Native holds prospects of earning up to $120k in the US markets.

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