How Does SEO Differ from Digital Marketing?

In general terms, both are the same, but in actual both are different identities. SEO is a subpart of digital marketing to rank a website in a search engine to gain traffic, audience, and sales. On the other hand, Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, ad portals, marketplaces, social networks, and more.

Why Learn SEO?

Most organizations are moving their businesses online because of rapid digitalization and increasing internet usage. This enhances the need for qualified SEO professionals to amplify the quality and quantity of website traffic. Learning SEO will help you optimize websites and increase the company’s reach across digital channels. With a reputable SEO training institute, you will learn the necessary skills and tools needed to enhance website traffic.

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Why Choose SEO Training from Brighten Institute?

Brighten Institute is one of the most well-known SEO training institutes in India. We offer a hands-on SEO course to help you learn the fundamentals of on-page and off-page optimization with qualified tutors.

Our SEO Classes Have the Following Features:

  • Our top-notch tutors have the best knowledge of the latest optimization practices used in the industry. Our SEO training covers essential topics, such as user engagement, lead generation, link building, search engine, and more.
  • With our personalized training, you will also learn advanced techniques and tools such as SEMRush, Yoast SEO, Google Search Console, Woorank, and many more.
  • Our comprehensive training is focused on making you job-ready. That’s why we have kept the nature of our teaching methodologies practical and engaging. You will work on live projects and have placement assistance to ensure that you kickstart your career.

After our course completion, you can opt for many career opportunities, such as SEO specialist, Social Media Marketer, Digital Marketing Manager, Link Builder, Online Reputation Manager, Public Relations Manager, and more.

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