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Web development is the art of creating a website for users browsing on the Internet. The entire process of developing the web on the front-end involves creating a web design, producing content for the web, do all the necessary client-side scripting, and ensure network security configuration. The scope of web development ranges from developing a single page, static website to creating rooted web-based internet apps for businesses and social media. With a comprehensive web development course like ours, you will learn to implement the planned design on the web by making smart choices to code up pages and define user interactions.

Why Learn Web Development?

There are thousands of companies requiring websites to run their business, and that’s what you will learn. The entry-level salary of front-end web developers is more than $51,000 in the US, and companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other such MNCs hire them.

If you love making creative designs and think logically, a career in web development is the ideal choice. However, to proceed in the right direction you need to acquaint yourself with the latest tools and techniques for designing responsive websites.

 At Brighten Institute, we offer you a web development course designed by industry experts that will help you discover the most in-demand web development topics through hands-on sessions.

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Comprehensive Web Development Course with Job Guarantee

Create interactive and engaging user experience on the web with a hands-on learning experience. Right from building an attractive front-end to developing a robust back-end, we will teach you how to work with the latest web development technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and more! Our web development classroom and online classes offer you the flexibility to learn at your pace and get excellent mentorship every step of the way. Bring creative concepts to life on the browser canvas by blending in necessary codes and graphics with live projects and practical case studies. Our top-notch tutors will ensure that you build a strong foundation to help you land your dream job.

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Learn how to make engaging web applications with cutting edge web frameworks with our web development course. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have the tools and the resources to help you develop an effective portfolio and catch the attention of potential employers.

In case of any questions about our web development course, reach out to Brighten Institute or drop us a mail at brighteninstitute16@gmail.com.

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